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Our Services

Our Services


Proper accounting is fundamental to a well managed business. Meaningful reports provide business owners the summary financial information needed to assess the results of their business decisions.

We have the experience and skills to provide affordable accounting information which is understandable, complete and timely. For compilation engagements, where a client does not require any assurance regarding the financial statements, a compilation engagement report is issued which describes the basis of accounting applied in the preparation of the compiled information.


Business records should be maintained by trained bookkeepers in such a way that transactions are recorded properly and accurately. Timely reconciliations of bank activity, recording of accounts receivable and accounts payable transactions and balances, recording of journal entries and job costing, all require special skills.

Our bookkeepers use modern accounting software to meet the needs of our small business clients at affordable prices.

The extent of the services we provide are tailored to our clients needs. From giving instructions to a client’s staff, to performing all bookkeeping tasks, our firm is available to accommodate our clients’ needs.


Business owners can avoid unnecessary interest and penalties associated with late or improperly calculated source deductions by having their payroll duties prepared promptly and accurately by trained payroll technicians.

We can take over the payroll function ensuring that your employees are being paid correctly and that remittances and government forms are being filed properly and on time. Proven payroll software, carefully recorded by skilled payroll technicians, ensure satisfying results.

Each pay period, our affordable payroll professionals will ensure proper payments are made to your employees, meaningful reports are compiled for your review and all payroll and related government forms are submitted accurately and on time.


Our firm specializes in business taxation. We take the time to discuss and plan tax choices with our client’s. Going beyond tax preparation sets our firm apart. By working with our clients, taxes are reduced and business objectives are achieved.

We offer a full range of tax services. From business commencement, through growth and maturation, to estate planning, our firm has the proven experience to meet our clients’ taxation needs.

Our firm is committed to ensuring our business clients are provided with affordable, informed income tax advice and tax preparation services.

Let us work together to ensure your taxes are well managed and not overpaid.


We give year round business advice to our clients. We have proven to be an ongoing, friendly resource base.

We are only a phone call away as we work with our clients to grapple with those important and often difficult business decisions which we are experienced with.

The purchase or sale of business assets or shares, providing benefits to valued employees, dealing with officials from Canada Revenue Agency, choosing the right software application. No matter what area of support, our firm can work closely with you on every important business decision you face.

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