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Murray J. Ellis

Chartered Professional Accountant

Victoria, BC’s trusted accounting team since 1978

We offer a full range of affordable, professional and individualized services exclusively to small businesses. Our services include accounting, bookkeeping, income tax preparation, tax advice, payroll services, GST, estate planning and business consulting.

Our Values

At Murray J. Ellis, Chartered Professional Accountant, our commitment is to provide each one of our clients with personal, individual attention and care. Our team is committed to providing reliable, timely and accurate recordkeeping tailored to meet your small business goals.


As an experienced Chartered Professional Accountant, I provide year round expertise. If your business needs an experienced accounting firm, this Chartered Professional Accountant and our bookkeepers and accountants are able to work for you right away.

The world moves so fast that to wait for the answer puts at a loss those who need the answer now. We have the experience, the bookkeeping staff, the answers.


Our firm’s Quality Assurance Manual guarantees confidentiality, privacy and independence. Integrity is proven over time, not by accident. We take pride in maintaining rigorous ethical behavior.

Our bookkeepers keep client business records in the strictest of confidence. We, the Chartered Professional Accountant and bookkeeping staff, strive to ensure the highest standards of ethical behavior with respect to rules of privacy, independence, confidentiality and conflict of interest. Our firm prides itself on its culture of honesty and integrity.


Accounting and income tax work require professionals who continually take the courses and seminars needed to maintain their skills. Our firm is committed to competence in all areas of accounting, bookkeeping, taxation and consulting.

It is only when we get down to the action words-approve, recommend, file, that we can make clear what we do. Competence in bookkeeping means bookkeepers keeping current. As it does for the Chartered Professional Accountant.

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Our experienced team of professionals are available to help you with any of your accounting, bookkeeping, income tax or financial management needs.

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